Detailed Drawings and Fixed Price Quote

If you choose to proceed with the final design process, the following will be determined:

  • If a survey is  necessary
  • What consultants are required, i.e.: a structural and/or geotechnical engineer
  • If an interior designer  would be involved in the project
  • The cost of these services
  • A timeline for producing the drawings
  • Depending on the size/complexity of the project, a retainer will be required (mainly for major renovations and custom homes projects)

Once work on the final design begins, RJR will:

  • Acquire the services of a B.C. land surveyor, if an adequate survey does not already exist
  • Use the preliminary design or sketches to develop a design that meets the needs, taste, and budget of the homeowner
  • Acquire the services of structural and geotechnical engineers, if  needed
  • Acquire the services of an interior designer, if  requested
  • Develop working drawings based on the design criteria and municipal requirements.  These drawings will contain structural, mechanical and electrical information
  • Prepare specifications and a scope of work
  • Prepare and deliver a final quotation along with the contract
  • Provide a list of a few references of similar projects, if requested