Construction Phase

When the project is about to begin, the owner will move out or vacate the house or the part of the house that is going to be worked on. The owners will remove all their personal effects from the work area.

At the beginning of the renovation, the project manager will:

  • Erect dust barriers to confine the dust to the areas being worked on
  • Install protection on the floors or any other surfaces that will remain and are susceptible to damage
  • Inspect the job site and notify the owner of any items that need to be removed from the work area or adjacent areas

Once the project has started, the project manager will apply professional principles and techniques to lead teams and to control schedules, costs and performances, in order to comply with RJR’s high standards of quality.

RJR will ensure that the quality of the work completed is up to the highest standards set out under the BC Building Code.  Should you have any concerns, please communicate them to your project manager.  He/she is there to ensure that you get the outcome that has been agreed upon between you and RJR